Duplex Project

Welcome to my latest project.   This page will contain a photo trail of a project that I started on 5/2/13.  My Family and I own a duplex in my home town.  I had a tenant move out on 4/30, and I want to document the renovation process on this page.  Hopefully there will be a great transformation.  Most of the renovations will be on the inside, but I do plan to clean up the front of the property as well.

In addition to the picture gallery, I will blog on the side when I have time.  Our goal is to have the unit ready for move in on or before 6/1.  It sounds Do-Able until you understand all the other items I have cooking on the side.  For those that know me well, I frequently travel for work, and I plan to take very little time off to complete this renovation. Please watch my blog for posts as my wife, son, siblings and friends embark on this journey.

Thank you in advance for all the help!