Dell Support

DellMy father-in-law has an old Dell Inspiron 530s with Vista loaded on it.  He had several issues with it, so I thought we would do a factory restore from the system partition

The manual said to restart the computer and press CTRL F11 to start the restore process.  That did not work

I chatted with Dell Support twice.  They said to start the computer and press F8.  That did not work so they decided to send me a tech support CD.

Instead of waiting for the CD, I decided to try all the function keys while booting.

Discovery Process

I pressed the power button at pressed each function key.  When I got to F9, I was taken to a windows recovery screen.  I selected recovery, and it eventually took me to another screen where I could select “advanced recovery”

I selected US keyboard, clicked through admin password, and selected dell factory restore, next and yes and next to reformat the drive.

Maybe I should work for dell.

Looking at WordPress



I have been updating my website on and off over the last several weeks.  I decided to move to a WordPress Network configuration so that I could put up multiple sites without having to maintain multiple installs of WordPress.  So far, so good.  I have just run out of time.  I plan to start posting pictures again, mainly garden and landscapes as well as macro photography.

Stay tuned for more to come.

Updated Website

Im Updating my website again.  I have moved to a WordPress Multi-Site implementation.  More to come!