One of the tools I like to use to stay organized personally and professionally is Evernote.  the beauty of this application is that you can take note with you anywhere.  I use evernote on my iphone, ipad, laptop and my home PC.  Evernote keeps them all in sync, and makes it very easy to find things.


One other cool evernote trick is forwarding emails to Evernote.  You can send meeting notes, expense reports, pictures or anything you would have in an email to Evernote.  It makes a great tool for keeping a clean inbox.

Here are some instructions on how to use Evernotes email features – this is from the Evernote blog.

How it works

First, find your Evernote incoming email address. It’ll look something like[username].12345@m.evernote.com. The address is located under Account Info in the desktop versions of Evernote, under Settings in Evernote Web, and in the Sync tab of Evernote for iPhone. We recommend adding this email address to your address book or contact list.

Next, try emailing something into Evernote. In the subject line of your email, write the title of the note as you want it to appear in your account. In the same subject line, add one or both of the following:

  • Use @ for notebooks: Use an @ symbol followed by the name of your destination notebook
  • Use # for tags: Use a # symbol followed by the tag or tags you wish to assign. You can have multiple tags just make sure each one starts with an #

For example, Subject: Trip to Florida @travel #expense report

Would create a note titled Trip to Florida in my travel notebook, tagged with expense repor

Duplex Project is finally over!

The duplex is completed for the most part. Tenants moved in last weekend. Still have some yard work to do, but otherwise it is good to go.  Check out the project gallery for some additional pictures.

Duplex Project Week 6

It was my intention to post an article once a week during the execution of the duplex project.  Needless to say, that has not happened.  As I travel back home from a long week, I am faced with another long weekend of renovation.  I have periodically posted pictures, so you can seen the Slooooow progress that has been made over several weeks of long hours put in by me, my son, his friends, my family and those I have “outsourced” tasks too.

This project was intended to be 1 month (4 weeks) long.  I had a budget of $10K.  Both are now shot by about 50%.  I’m hoping to bring the project to closure this weekend for the most part, and have my new tenants move in next week.

More to come


Week 2

I spent the majority of Friday night and Saturday working again this weekend on the Duplex.  Although the change is not as dramatic as demo, we made a ton of progress.

Highlights include:

  • Paint
    • Living Room Ceiling and Walls
    • Bedroom 1, 2 – Ceiling painted
  • 1/2 Woodwork taped and ready to go
  • Doors all taken down – and patch process started – Thanks Chad for doing homework
  • New Hinges and Nobs Ordered (everythingdoors.com)
  • Upstairs Bath
    • Demo complete
    • New Sheetrock
    • New Tub installed
    • Tile Floor installed – Grout to happen next week
  • New Sub-floor Upstairs and no more squeaks – Thanks Alex and Chris
  • Load from Menards received
  • Entry Fixture Gone
  • New Outlets / switches installed in Master, Bath, Living Room, Hall and entry

Thanks to Chad, KC, Christian and his crew for all their help in making the transformation

Our Duplex Project

We are starting a remodel on a Duplex that my family owns.  I will post before and after pics here as well as project updates.

More Pictures can be found here