Craig was born in northern Iowa, and was transplanted to the Minneapolis area in the early 70’s when his father was transferred for work. Craig has lived in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) ever since. He is a technology professional by day, and a couch potato / wanna be photographer by night. Craig also loves gardening and outdoor activities when it is warm in Minnesota.

Craig was first exposed to black and white photography as an activity in elementary school. “We had a teacher in the media center that took us all out to the park with our 126 cameras, and then showed us how to develop film. We each picked one picture from our roll to develop.” Craig “played around with” 35 mm in high school, but said it was too expensive for him to continue through college. “I just started fooling around with photography again in 2005 when Santa (my lovely wife) bought me a Canon EOS 20D.”